Episode 3 - Expectation Management

You know that communication is vital to any healthy, lasting relationship, whether it be personal or professional.  But what good are words if they aren't aligned with your actions? 

Integrity is defined as a “concept of consistency of actions, values, principles, and outcomes. It is a personal choice to hold one's self to consistent standards.  In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.” 

Your actions determine the quality of your relationships.  When you are in integrity, your relationships develop trust, which is essential for growth. When you are out of integrity, you incite disappointment, which ultimately breaks the relationship down.

Why, then, even when you have the best of intentions, can your actions destroy your relationships?  In one word: EXPECTATIONS.

In this episode, Steve and Deanna discuss how to remove expectations that you place on yourself and others and replace them with powerful agreements.  In fulfilling your agreements, not only do your relationships have the opportunity to thrive, you develop a stronger self-efficacy (which is a belief in your ability to succeed).  In short, honoring your agreements improves your relationship to yourself and others.

LET US HEAR FROM YOU:  Are you someone who keeps their word?  If not, you may want to ask yourself what's getting in the way.  Are you agreeing to things to people please?  Are you afraid to let people down?  Do you derive your self-worth based on your accomplishments?  Do you define yourself based on external achievements and take on too much?  If you're struggling in this area, send Deanna an email to Deanna@DeannaDanski.com and share the area of your life you need to practice integrity and healthier agreements.

PS - If you like the topic, Steve is gifting his audio called "Expectations vs. Agreements."  Email Deanna@DeannaDanski.com to receive this special bonus!